Alhamdulillah on 25 and 27 October  2020 I have done my ICL Surgery to Dr. Ashraful Huq Sir. After surgery I didn’t face any complications like eye pain,watery eyes.At first I was a little scared about the surgery since this surgery is rare in our country.But I had faith in Sir.Sir’s behaviour was very amicable.He is an outstanding and polite person.I have been using spectacle since 2010,after 11 years I can see everything without spectacle through ICL surgery.It is a painless bandage free surgery.It takes 10-15 min to complete the surgery.I am very happy that my decision was right to do ICL with Sir.Undoubtedly he is the best surgeon.I am very grateful to Sir for giving me a new life without spectacle.From the core of my heart best wishes for Sir.